For Love of Daughter and Cannoli


orange zest cannoli

Eating healthy is not about deprivation.  My daughter Rowan just finished a week at Create-A-Cook summer camp. She spent six hours a day making rustic Italian cuisine.  She brought home two full three course meals every night this week.  There was so much wonderful food we just had to share with our neighbors.

I also decided not to count calories this week.  I typically don’t count calories but the point is that I’m not hiding from the tally; just acknowledging that there are more important things in life.  Perseverating on a somewhat inconclusive non-contextualized health metric or adhering to whatever diet dogma has my attention currently isn’t necessarily going improve my quality of life.

In honor of her partial Sicilian heritage (ok, it’s a rationale, I get it) we finished off the week with these awesome orange zest cannoli.  They were so divine with a glass of red wine.  I did not eat all three; or even two!  I did it for love of daughter and cannoli.  It’s not all about the numbers.

2 responses to “For Love of Daughter and Cannoli

  1. Marilyn Griffin

    “for love of daughter and cannoli “ just loved your “piece”………and such a sacrifice!


  2. Thanks. Yes, such a hardship for me ;-).

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