Get Your Nap in Today?

nappinginfographicI’ve written about ways to get the many benefits of sleep elsewhere.  Just wanted to bring your attention to a great reminder on the benefits of napping, 5 kinds of naps and the unofficial holiday for napping.  Check out this great infographic (click on it for the full and  larger view) and read the accompanying article.


New Yoga Schedule for 2015

easy pose @ BorealisI’m excited to be shuffling around some classes for the start of 2015. Especially psyched about the opportunity to offer a yoga and meditation class at one of my favorite yoga studios, Borealis Community Yoga in Medford, MA.  Check out my public class schedule for other times and locations.  Thanks!

A New Broga® Yoga Class

I’m excited to announce the addition of another public yoga class to my schedule. Starting on September 2nd, I will teach Broga® Yoga at Borealis Community Yoga in Medford, MA (map).  Class will be every Tuesday night from 6-7PM.   Come and practice in this beautiful space and be part of a great community.
Pre-Register for Class here!